- Ah, yes, some new post-New Year prospecting of the links was in order. I particularly enjoyed MTV Multiplayer's chat with Destineer about their Wii titles - a good example of a pro-active interview that brings up points relevant to the market (and just discussed on GSW).

Also neat are the ever-mega-niche Comiket wares, as well as the surprisingly sniffable Strawberry Shortcake game cover and discussion of the previously unknown 'midcore' gamer. New phrase alert, folks! Links go here:

MTV Multiplayer » Nintendo Drought Turns Into Nintendo Flood — Where The Rising Tide Of January Wii Titles Came From
Talking to Destineer about their slightly shovelware Data Design licenses - even they admit the shelves will get saturated soon.

Tale of Tales» Blog Archive » Hardcore journalists & the other games
'I am glad that we are starting to notice the discrepancies between the rhetoric of the games industry and the reasons why many people are actually playing games.'

Sexy Videogameland: Phantasy Star II: A Pictorial History
Leigh's Phantasy Star II stories/pics from when she was 9 - historical documents!

The Independent Gaming Source: 'Kanoguti's Music Games'
Featuring '...several [free] music games akin to Electroplankton.'

VG Frequency » Blog Archive » Cheetahmen II fan arrangement album due on the 31st
What?! 'Cheetah in the Dark, a six track doujin arrangement album, [is] set to be released on December 31 at Comic Market 73.' (Cover pictured)

Steve Purcell - Interview - Adventure Classic Gaming
The creator of Sam & Max - apparently, in 20 years: "My preserved brain will be stored in a talking, Steve-shaped sarcophagus in the lobby of Sam&MaxCo, which will be run from a foreboding glass skyscraper by my two sons."

Akihabara Channel » Comic Market 73 Day 2
The amount of super-niche fan-created or small-press material in Japan (for games, comics, etc) still boggles.

8bitrocket.com: Am I a MID-CORE gamer?
'I always hear industry people talk about CASUAL and HARDCORE, but never the in betweens like me. I have to search online and bargain bins for games that fit my needs. Why?'

GameOfTheBlog.com: X-Treme Gaming Update - Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams Game
Sniffable box art!