- Well, as we stagger into midweek, there are plenty of RSS feeds to be read and interesting opinions extracted from them. First up is Sam Kennedy's extremely in-depth discussion of the state of GameSpot - which is interesting because of and/or despite him managing one of the site's chief rivals.

Also on this particular countdown - NCSoft's Adam Martin being harsh but intriguing about how game events interact with the Web, Mega64's latest highly ridiculous Web ad skits, and The New Gamer on spending in-game riches when you've got it - all worth checking out:

Sam Kennedy's 1UP Blog: GameSpot's Sad State of Affairs
Long and interesting, if from a direct (and concerned) competitor.

YouTube - Mega64: ArmorGames.com Ad
Fake infomercial, Mega64 makes me grin every damn time, glad they're doing IGF interstitials - also see their new Magic the Gathering skit.

LogicMazes.com: Theseus and the Minotaur
Logic maze goodness (pictured) explained, with a shout-out to Tablesaw's GSW puzzles column.

toypop » Blog Archive » The Cyptic Boss Strategy Advice from Radiant Silvergun as Poetry
This is neat.

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Interview: GameTunnel Founder Russell Carroll
Very interesting - apparently their end-of-year indie awards extravaganza didn't do as well as previous years.

T=Machine » Games industry conferences versus blogging
NCSoft's Adam Martin has some interesting and very cutting comments.

theblackhound - The Black Hound FAQ
The Black Hound is "...a new unofficial campaign module for Obsidian Entertainment's Neverwinter Nights 2 roleplaying game. The module's author is Josh (J.E.) Sawyer, currently employed by Obsidian as a lead designer, and formerly the lead designer of Icewind Dale 2 - via Jiji.

Hoarding and Waiting | The New Gamer
'I steadfastly hold onto the ways of the old, like a Depression-era survivor who bitterly remembers times of great scarcity.'

VG Frequency » Blog Archive » Dwelling of Duels: MAGFest 2008 Results (Free Month)
Rather awesome video game music remix competition - latest results!