- Yes, the GameSetLinks crew is back, with a great deal of random and not excessively old links, starting out with the UK Resistance crew cooing rather endearingly over Sega Superstars Tennis - and who can forget when UKR was a Sega Saturn fan site through and through, hm?

Also worth noting - IGF entrant The Great Zoo Race (pictured above) gets press for being certifiably crazed, IndieGames.com checks out Cactus' SeizureDome, and I remember Bill's Tomato Game fondly, for some weird reason. Here goes:

UK:Resistance on the fanboyness of Sega Superstars Tennis
Like they say: 'Best SEGA intro movie since Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg'. Nice to see all Sega's strong characters in one game, really.

arne360 - Sundance Short Films on Xbox LIVE Video Marketplace (…and iTunes, Netflix) - videogame industry discussion from an industry insider.
Digital distribution _is_ good for stuff like this.

Uwe Boll: Bad filmmaker or trash visionary? - Movie opinions- msnbc.com
Completely ridiculous (but fun) counter-opinion - via Boyer.

the random Gnomes' random Lair: 100 excellent free games in bloom
Another one of these handy, longform link posts.

Kotaku Feature: Wanna Study Game Design in Japan? Here's How
Good piece on how Japanese game schools work.

Crayon Physics Deluxe First Impressions // PC /// Eurogamer
John Walker takes a hack at the IGF finalist, with more positive results.

Bill's Tomato Game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Referenced in the EG comments for Crayon Physics Deluxe, I recall playing this puzzle-y vaguely Crayon-ish thing (minus physics!) on Amiga - what an awesome game name!

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Freeware Game Pick: SeizureDome (cactus)
Great name! Cactus is doing about a game a week right now, or something - it's insane.

Kotaku Clip: Christian Animal Racing HELL
This game (The Zoo Race) was entered into the IGF this year and got some 'interesting' feedback.