- As we sweep so rapidly towards the weekend, some more GameSetLinks of various vintages reveal, in particular, Gus Mastrapa doing an artful job of claiming that Cloverfield has the "reality TV gimmick that makes it feel more like a game than any movie I've ever seen."

Of course, there's a history of people claiming that films are gamelike and vice versa - with the almost subversively literal first-person shots in the Doom movie being a particular highlight - but I at least somewhat believe this one. Elsewhere in the rundown - Etrian Odyssey, game dev comics and 'interesting' traffic numbers for big game sites.

Looky Touchy: Cloverfield: Third-Person Shooter
'There's something inherent to the movie's reality TV gimmick that makes it feel more like a game than any movie I've ever seen.'

Losing the War Against Banality in 2008 (Magical Wasteland)
Hee hee.

The Eerie Events That Inspired the Mars Volta's New Album Also Fuel a Frightening New Flash Game | GameCulture
Spooky goings-on with board, web games.

Arcade Renaissance: AM-Net's most anticipated arcade games of 2008 (final results)
Viva Japan - a horse racing sim wins out!

popular culture gaming » Blog Archive » the incestuous nature of the gaming blogs revealed
Oh dear, another one of these badly sourced repastes surfaces.

Off-Road Velociraptor Safari - the website.
Great press release: 'It may appear we have contradicted the established understanding of what exactly a Velociraptor looks like, particularly with regard to the presence of feathers.'

Siliconera » Master English with the power of Starcraft English
Wow, those South Koreans sure do love their Blizzard.

Skellington Parade » Archives » Etrian Odyssey
Nich Maragos, the lead localization editor on the game at Atlus, discusses this stealth DS stand-out's fascinating, ecological themes with passion (and, yes, spoilers).

Twonks and Plonkers (New T&P Comic: TWITCH!)
Game Developer mag contributor Tom Carroll has a new comic about life at a dev studio.

comScore data on the big video game news web sites - A+E Interactive - Your Bay Area hangout for gaming, music, movies, culture
Wow, surely these are, like, almost completely wrong?