- All kinds of fun stuff in this GameSetLinks round-up, then - leading out with some real-world download/payment numbers for the Saul Williams & Trent Reznor Internet-only album. It's actually quite useful for understanding percentages of people who pay for free content, if it's free as an option - something tried on occasion in the game world.

Also in this particular round-up: the return of the North American demo party, some good afterthoughts on Uncharted, extracts from MIT Press' excellent 'Second Person', and a whole host of other notable links. Here we's goes:

Saul Williams download numbers » Brad Sucks
Good stats on what people pay for high profile freely distributed music - comparison point to games? 'As of 1/2/08, 154,449 people chose to download Saul [and Trent Reznor]’s new record [cover pictured]. 28,322 of those people chose to pay $5 for it.'

ASCII by Jason Scott: Invitation to Blockparty 2008
North American demo party alert!

Insult Swordfighting: A New Taxonomy of Gamers: Case Study: Guitar Hero
Some thoughtful demographic-related theory here: 'How might we differentiate between Skill Players and Tourists in Guitar Hero?'

selectparks - 24C3: Console Hacking and Corrupted Blood
Good coverage of the Chaos Computer Congress' game-related lectures.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Afterthoughts from 1UP.com
From EGM: I like these honest, informal chats than hone in on game-related issues, after reviews.

Grand Text Auto » Taking Tabletop Seriously: Second Person part 1
Posting parts of the MIT Press game theory/design book online.

GameDaily: Media Coverage - Frozen Out
Talking to Dan Hsu about the EGM 'banning' marginal nonsense.

Logler announces Top 10 Games of 2007 - Gamezebo.com
The PDF has a lot of good info about what hit big in casual games last year.

The Forge · Casual Games on Facebook
Some interesting stats on most popular games and genres.