- You know, there are all kinds of neat gaming links out there on the web - and GameSetLinks compiles them all for your viewing pleasure. This time, we have a variety of craziness - from Habbo's 'unique' charm to Dibbell's classic game book.

But there's other goodness too - from Mr. Gillen getting excited about the eminently worth it World Of Goo, to the addictively derivative Line Golf and various other varieties of entertainment. Here goes:

Habbos In the Mist « The Skinnerboxer Rebellion
'It provides a Lego set…except its a Lego set geared at that awkward age where you’re trying to figure out all the mysteries of life, and what you’re going to do with yourself from now until never.'

PlayStation.Blog » PixelJunk Monsters Set to Launch Next Week
The second PixelJunk title from the Kyoto massif, very 'Defence'-ish in a good way.

Tale of Tales» Blog Archive » The meanings of games
More activism from those who also walk the walk, pleasingly: 'With game technology’s increasing sophistication in representation comes a moral obligation to design games around stories, and not the other way around.'

Julian Dibbell: 'My Tiny Life'
His classic book on online MUDs/worlds now available via PDF for free.

'Scrabulous' debate may rewrite the rules of the game | The Social - CNET News.com
I was always surprised Hasbro didn't do something about this sooner - Scrabulous is pretty cheeky.

I'm Not Offended, I'm Just Bored: Why Gaming Journalism Should Stop Treating Women Like Meat
Not completely wrong, but as commenters points out, tries to condemn stereotypes while simultaneously perpetuating them - via Wonderland.

Virtua Fighter 5 Title Update - Xbox Live's Major Nelson
Best patch ever: 'Some characters will now be able to equip select costume-specific pants in alternate costumes.' ALTERNATE PANTS!

World of Goo First Impressions // PC /// Eurogamer
'It's as instantly charismatic a character-lead puzzle game I've played since the first Lemmings way back in the days of the Amiga.'

The Candystand Blog: Tada..... Introducing Line Golfer
Interesting - is this with the help of the Line Rider creator? Guessing not.

Hardcore Gaming 101: Earnest Evans Series
GSW's previous Telenet article 'inspired me to write a bit about Wolfteam's Earnest Evans series, which also includes El Viento and Annet Futatabi.'