- Ah, yes, a little early 2008 link love, and I think it's fun to round up the multitude of 'year end', retrospective type links that have been wandering around the web recently.

Particularly pleased to see some niche/subgenre round-ups in here, particularly for strategy games, which don't always get a fair shake nowadays. Oh, and Jane McGonigal (ilovebees co-conspirator) is working on a new ARG, apparently, so that's reason for a bit of a woohoo, isn't it? Here goes:

Pocket Gamer: Top 10 mobile gaming trends in 2007 (part 1)
Alongside our own Games On Deck, Pocket Gamer knows the best about the mobile biz.

The Saturn Junkyard: Dezaemon 2 Shmup Galore
Wow, a massive compilation of 110+ user-created shooter mods for the Sega Saturn.

What's New in Indie [December Edition] by Game Tunnel
Includes mini-reviews on Soup Du Jour and Aquaria (pictured).

Avant Game: Work, Work, Work - How I Spent My 2007, or, a Year in Review
Jane McGonigal's working on something new and ARG-y for 2008, yum: 'I have been describing my current location as "at the secret office" with increasing frequency... because I'm working with a very large team on a very secret project'

Flash Of Steel: 2007 End of Year Strategy Wrap-Up
Troy Goodfellow's round-up is invaluable for this niche.

The Brainy Gamer: The five best under-the-radar games of 2007
Notable for mentioning Lunar Knights, which I think many have forgotten about.

collapsing geography: grading my 2007 predictions
ex-Second Life CTO Cory Ondrejka has a new blog, x-posts his MMO/VW-related Terra Nova predictions.

The Man Who Hates the World « Warren Spector’s blog
'Even more than my Guitar Hero experience, I feel like playing Rock Band, as fun as it is, is more than just fun. It might actually make me a better musician, which kinda freaks me out.'

the-inbetween.com [ Gaming Moments of 2007]
'Repeating what everyone else said is rather boring so I started to thing about specific moments that stood out this year.' Pointing out GH2 on Xbox 360 was this year - which I'd forgotten.