- Yoiks, all kinds of new GameSetLinks goodness here, including designer David Sirlin waxing lyrical about Every Extend Extra Extreme, as well as Brenda Brathwaite discussing how Facebook games propagate and spread virally.

Actually, these things are radically different, but oddly, they both resonate with me in alternate ways - since they're about alternate social and relaxation-based titles, something away from the normal everyday fragfest. I think. Here goes:

Facebook Game Player Propagation « Applied Game Design
Various methods of Facebook games getting popular - v.instructive in general for the new social order.

Play This Thing! | Game Reviews | Free Games | Independent Games | Game Culture
'Transcendence's developer, George Moromisato, says his game is inspired by Elite, Star Control II and NetHack -- at first glance, a rather odd combination.'

Psychochild’s Blog » Money in online games
'If the developers didn't intend to have RMT, then they should be able to enforce this decision.'

Sirlin.net: Every Extend Knitting
'I think [Every Extend Extra Extreme for XBLA] is going to be greatly misunderstood by the gaming public. As a relaxing flow experience, it hits the mark. Unfortunately most people probably don't understand the mark it hits.'

Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars: January third things.
The 'virtual recreation of an existent earthquake from Eidos is called Downfall: San Francisco and takes place following the San Francisco Earthquake in 1906.'

The great divide - Feature - Adventure Classic Gaming
Rich Carlson: 'Bridges across the great divide do exist. Thus, adventure gamers can ignore the game industry, just as the game industry is ignoring them, and still cross.'

insertcredit.com: 'Mexican Final Fight PCB boss hack'
Play as Poison! Found art like this is neat.

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Interview: Ooki Bloks Developer Matt Verran
Some smart new indie talent talking about current/upcoming projects, IGF finalist-ness.

wunderboy.org » Gordon Freeman’s father?!
This is just epochally geeky.