- Some more GameSetLinks dredged up from the old RSS, then - including some fun Suda51-related cultural references, how Nike+ can lead to alt.MMO goodness, and 2D Boy's latest Flash game experiment.

Oh, and on a random note, before we forget - we'll finally be revealing and launching (for individual/group purchase) the other three GameSetApparel limited-edition T-shirt designs later this week - and they're pretty darn cool, as you will see.

For those who pre-ordered all four shirts already, your other three should already be wending its way to you - or may have already arrived! Also, if you're still waiting for any of your tees to reach you and want to check in - mail [email protected] with your order number and they'll help you out.

Looky Touchy: No More Heroes vs El Topo
Spotting the cult references in Suda51's Wii game. Why can't more game creators dig into pop culture?

dessgeega blog › arkanoid ds
My co-worker Jamil just got this with the DS paddle controller, which is _beautiful_ to use - someone bring this to the States, quick.

Avant Game: My run is a videogame -- wanna play with me?
On the Nike+ iPod-integrated tracking system: 'The world is waiting on an alternate reality MMO with physical input, and I think a fitness MMO or fitness alternate reality game with Nike+ would just kill.'

YouTube - Alvin & the Chipmunks - California
From the PS2 game, the Phantom Planet song (aka The O.C. theme). I think my eyes are bleeding - via JRP.

Water Cooler Games - Prepare to Fatten
Bogost's latest game, Fatworld, funded by public broadcasting money: 'As we explain in our creator's statement, Fatworld explores the relationships between obesity, nutrition, and socioeconomics in the contemporary U.S.'

Wonderland: WeGame: YouTube (and more) for gamers
Nice idea to include video capture, but really, how many more sites like this that won't make money in the long-term?

2D Boy: Game-in-7-days: Robot and the Cities that Built Him
Pictured - 'The robot / technology / what-is-man / what-is-machine / who-is-good / who-is-bad / perhaps-from-a-distance- we’re-all-killer-robots, poignant themes running throughout the game, are deeply moving.'

Work and Play: A Peek Inside the Lives of Gaming's Greatest
I was asked about this, but my desk isn't cool enough, so I passed :)

Games We Love - Digidrive | Gamelab
On the 'minimalist gameplay and experimental approaches' of the still under-discussed Bit Generations GBA series.