- Mopping up some more RSS-stolen GameSetLinks, nice to see free games getting a good shake in the resolutely commercial Games For Windows magazine (as reprinted on 1UP) - and it's a good, eclectic collection of links, too.

In addition, there's such important fare as the exact track list from the DDR Disney Channel edition, as well as comments on procedural content, offspring with regard to Lara Croft, and a strange, twisted (social commenting, or?) harpoon-centric freeware title. Here goes:

101 Free Games 2008 - The Best Free Games on the Web! from 1UP.com
This was in the latest Games For Windows - v. neat list.

insertcredit.com: 'iron kid'
A Korean/Spanish GBA game based on a CG animation series? So Sheffield it hurts.

Bullet Points @ timlongo.com » Blog Archive » The Lens #3 (Special Marketing Edition)
On Tomb Raider T-shirts and daughters: 'She should be careful with her guns', indeed.

SimCity Source Code Released to the Wild! Let the ports begin... - Fear and Loathing
Rather awesome, and apparently EA-approved, with a new non-'Sim' name attached.

What's Up With the Mod Scene and Independent Bots? — AiGameDev.com
'Why has the mod scene become less active over the years?' A good, complex question.

NeoGAF - Harpooned: Japanese Cetacean Research Simulator
Oh dear, Internet - using Torque Engine, too! Via JVM.

Amazon.com: Aaron Merkel's review of Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Channel Edition
Track listing included, for those wondering what the DDR/Hannah Montana crossover has birthed!

Ascii Dreams: The Death of the Level Designer: Procedural Content Generation in Games - Part Three
'Why has PCG failed to deliver on the promised hype?'

Giz Banned For Life and Loving It: On Pranks and Civil Disobedience at CES
Further downgrading some blogs (and Gawker, actually) in most people's eyes. What an idiot.