- As is well-established, the best video game TV show in the world (sorry, revamped X-Play, Videogaiden) is Japanese 'beat classic games' show Game Center CX, as previously covered on GSW and painstakingly documented by our buddy Ray Barnholt at Crunk Games.

Now, Ray has updated Crunk Games (only the .org version, not the .com version - don't ask, I suspect!) with the full write-up of the Game Center CX Xmas Special, which is... epic. Let's have Ray explain:

"A year ago, it was Mighty Bomb Jack: a challenge game so unpredictable that it taunted Arino for three separate days, but culminating in a final battle live on stage. This time, in 2007, it’s The Quest of Ki: the challenge that’s spanned whole seasons of the show (OK, it was just one month) and was put on "indefinite postponement" by Arino himself, just as he had three more stages to complete. (If you’re not familiar with the Quest of Ki challenges, skim through Part 1 and Part 2 to get familiar.)

As it turned out, it would only be two more months before he faced it again, on live TV, in the Game Center CX Live Broadcast Christmas Special. The special was originally scheduled for just three hours, but crew and the network were prepared to go for up to nine hours if progress was going south. Needless to say, it did. For Arino, nine hours is a "good" day. But for fans, they got to see what it’s really like to do Game Center CX in an unedited fashion; to spend long, long stretches of time watching Arino die in a game over and over and over… and over again."

I wonder if we'll ever see this or the Game Center CX game for DS in the West? Probably not, but if you want to get a loving recreation of what it would be like to watch all, uhh, nine hours of the live Xmas show, then Crunk Games seems to have you covered. Bravo.