- The editors of Game Developer magazine are asking all game professionals to complete a brief anonymous survey which will help decide the rankings of this year's first-ever 'Top 50 Developers' feature and research.

For the first time this year, the magazine is conducting a Top 50 Developers survey, using multiple criteria, including peer responses to determine the top game developers in the world.

Much as in Game Developer's (pictured) recent Top 20 Publishers countdown, there are two parts to these questions - firstly a reputational survey, which can be answered by all game professionals.

The second part of the Top 50 Developers survey is to be answered only by those professionals who have worked at or managed relationships with specific studios. All responses are completely anonymous, and no personal or IP information will be tracked.

Game Developer recommends using the exhaustive studio lists maintained by Gaurav Mathur's GameDevMap or David Perry's Game Industry Map as a refresher on possible developers, but respondents are free to add any names they choose.

The first-ever Top 50 Developers survey is now available for filling out by all video game professionals, and will be kept open until Wednesday, January 23rd - please pass on this information to your peers where possible.