- This is cute enough to be worth reprinting on its own, and it comes from Grady Hendrix's Variety-hosted Asian film blog Kaiju Shakedown, of all places. He has a piece entitled 'China attacks Warcraft' which explains the following:

"Last week, China's CCTV 7 Military Channel showed a documentary about war exercises that took place around the world last year. One of the maps they used showed Turkey, Iraq and Iran... Later, a Chinese internet user posted this map from the popular online game World of Warcraft. The area shown is known as the Arathi Highlands. Notice any similarities?"

Yep, looks like the Chinese government have been borrowing and airbrushing over maps from Azeroth, of all places. (Mind you, as GameSetWatch documented when we visited Shanghai in 2006, World Of Warcraft is rather gigantic in the territory.) And as Grady grins in his write-up of this: "The PLA needs to be at least lvl 30 or higher to invade this territory." Very droll.