-[This has been a good few months in the making, and we're delighted to launch GameSetApparel, which is GameSetWatch doing something fun with custom, game-themed T-shirts. If you like GSW itself and the T-shirt designs, I hope you'll help support it by picking up a stylish shirt or pre-ordering the full set. Yay.]

GameSetApparel is the new, limited edition T-shirt store created by the editors of GameSetWatch, the alt.video game weblog run by the staff of the Webby award-winning Gamasutra.com and the Maggie award-winning Game Developer magazine.

The first series of four T-shirts are named 'Games That Never Were', with shirt numbers GSA101 through GSA104, and are limited to just 111 copies each. The high quality custom printed T-shirts feature noted artists interpreting the idea of imaginary, legendary, or fictional games in neat ways.

The first shirt, from long-time Gamasutra collaborator Erin Mehlos (Hell's Corners) is available now, and fans can pre-order all four shirts now, with the remaining three thus far unrevealed designs - from Dan Paladin (Alien Hominid), James Kochalka (American Elf), and Schadenfreude Interactive (Accordion Hero) will be available for general purchase in the near future.

GSA101 - 'Polybius' - Available Now!

- The first shirt in GameSetApparel's limited-edition 'Games That Never Were' series, which is strictly limited to 111 copies of each tee, is 'Polybius' by Erin Mehlos (Hell's Corners).

For her design (GSA101) for this series, Mehlos has interpreted the infamous 'urban legend' arcade game, which was allegedly "...released to the public in 1981, and caused its players to go insane, causing them to suffer from intense stress and horrific nightmares."

Based on an illustration originally made for Gamasutra.com, the shirt pictures sinister 'men in black' with glowing red eyes lurking in wait behind the legendary, thus far 'lost' arcade machine, alongside a terrified kid hiding in bed.

-The black, high-quality Fruit Of The Loom T-shirt also includes the legend: 'Warning: Polybius may cause night sweats, excessive dizziness, nightmares, amnesia, uncontrollable screaming or abduction.'

Each shirt (available in XL, L, or M, with only 111 in total over all three sizes) also comes with a copy of a 4-page 'Polybius' mini-comic by Mehlos, each one of which is signed and numbered.

Interested parties can now order the GSA101 'Polybius' T-shirt design in multiple sizes from the GameSetApparel store. As mentioned before, supplies are extremely limited, since we'd like to keep things exciting and scarce to start things off.

Pre-Order All Four (GSA101-GSA104) Series 1 Shirts Now!

- In addition, we're now allowing a limited amount of pre-orders for all four GameSetApparel Series 1 shirts. The mysterious questionmarked designs above are pixelated versions of the other three shirts, which are designed by Dan Paladin (famed Alien Hominid/Castle Crashers artist), James Kochalka (American Elf creator and rock musician), and Schadenfreude Interactive (the German development geniuses behind Accordion Hero), and will be available for individual purchase in early January 2008 - obviously the final versions are neither questionmarked nor pixelated, heh.

- However, if you want to guarantee that you get these shirts as well (again, we're only selling 111 each of the Series 1 shirts), you can pre-order all four shirts right now.

- If you do this, we'll ship you the Polybius shirt straight away, and the other ones when they become available on the site. We have no idea how popular this is going to be, but to guarantee satisfaction, this would be the way to go.