- So, Harmonix's Rock Band is, it's true, a bit of a blast. Only a few minutes ago me and my wife were playing it and I was happily inciting her to give it more cowbell during my 'Don't Fear The Reaper' guitar solo (not a euphemism).

But what's almost as fun as playing is going through the user-created band names on the top Rock Band leaderboards, and examining them for irony, humor, and mock gravitas. After all, what you call your group is almost more important than how well you play, huh?

So, after scanning the Top 1000 on the online leaderboards, here are some band name categories I've come up with:

- The Pop Culture Reference: For when you'd like a selection of your audience to grin knowingly, and the rest to sit there looking oblivious, you poseur. Rock Band Top 1000 leaderboard examples include The Potent Potables and The New Originals - with a special award to Larry David And The Hipsters. [EDIT: Ah yes, and a fine tweaked-up consumer culture reference I forgot, though it's not in the Top 1000: Blood, Bath And Beyond.]

- The Totally Surreal: For when you want to be so darn cool that you're practically unintelligible - could be a pop culture reference too, but _nobody_ gets it, and that's totally cool, right? Rock Band Top 1000 leaderboard examples include One Million Doll Hairs and Unicorn Being Stabbed By Stuff.

- Mock-Serious Names: Somewhere in the grand lineage of Dethklok, these names work on some levels, but rule on various others. In the Rock Band Top 1000 leaderboard, a lot of these use umlauts, so I couldn't quite work out how to replicate them in HTML form. Two that don't, but rock even more because of it, are Perpetual Halloween and the immortal Wu's Dragon Wang.

- Wholly Descriptive Names: Finally, what if you don't want to tell people something, not name a cool band? In the Rock Band Top 1000, there's at least one great candidate for this - the purely monikered We Broke The Drums.

As for our band name, we started out with The Rollos, naturally named after our dachshund, but unfortunately the founding member of The Rollos left to go study for his MCAT or something (thanks a bunch, Raj, this is how bands break up!) So we started again with the Gallagher-baiting Rolloasis. All together now... 'You've got to Rollo with it, you've got to take your time...'

So, go on... what's your Rock Band band name, and why? Is yours named after your high school teacher, your high school band, or more likely, an obscure Happy Days episode, you big GameSetWatch-reading nerd? The world awaits your proclamation.