- The sometimes odd but always entertaining UK game site Kikizo has an excellent dual interview with Alexei Pazhitnov and Henk Rogers that's worth deconstructing in some detail.

One cute thing was Pazhitnov discussing his GDC 2007 Designers Challenge-winning title, Stitch & Cross, which "pits two players against one another in a sewing racing game."

Obviously, the game itself has not been made, but it sounds like the Tetris creator is very open to have someone making it, after being asked if he was working on himself: "[Laughs] I have no intention to do that myself but if somebody called me and said, "Alexey I will program that game for you, I will make it for you," sure. [Laughs] But I don't think anyone will do that, sadly."

Also notable is Henk Rogers' commentary on the Tetris Online project "...which we hope to launch soon. That one I actually started with Minoru Arakawa, the ex-president of Nintendo of America, who we talked about earlier. We are good friends and he lives here in Hawaii as well. Currently the plan is to launch it in the US and Japan first."

The full Tetris Online project is a community-based PC online title, I think, but according to Wikipedia, the XBLA version of Tetris Splash is the first Tetris Online Inc. project, which is funny cos, as Rogers notes, the first game Pazhitnov worked on after moving to the States was El-Fish, "...sort of an interactive fish tank that played onscreen when the computer was idle." What goes around...