- As you guys may recall, there's something new we're doing this year - the Independent Games Festival Mobile, which is trying to show that cellphone, DS, and other portable games can innovate just as well as their big brothers.

Well, the finalists have just been announced - so go check them out, there's a number of interesting games, including (shock!) some cellphone games I actually care about playing, with awarded titles spanning mobile phone through Windows Mobile, Nintendo DS, and even GP2X:

"The IGF Mobile organizers have announced the finalists for the inaugural Independent Games Festival Mobile from a field of over 50 entries, with nominations led by titles including Punch Entertainment's social networking game Ego and Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab's waste disposal strategy puzzle game Backflow.

The Independent Games Festival Mobile website now includes a full list of finalists, including screenshots and links to videos and demonstration versions where available.

As well as Ego and Backflow, both nominated for the Innovation in Mobile Game Design category and the $10,000 IGF Mobile Best Game award, other multiple nominees included Capybara Games' food-chain based puzzler Critter Crunch, the technologically remarkable mobile RTS Steam Iron: The Fallen, and Nintendo DS drawing-RPG Drawn to Life.

Other notable nominees for 2008 prizes include nominees for the Innovation in Augmented Design Award, presented by Nvidia, IGF Mobile Platinum/Founding Sponsor. They include 3D Lawn Darts, which uses the device camera to simulate throwing a dart, Anna's Secret, a GPS driven, location-based learning adventure game based in the city of Weimar, Germany, and PhoneTag Elite, a location-tracking mobile game of "hide-and-seek."

The full list of finalists for the IGF Mobile Competition, all of whom will be showing their games at the IGF Pavilion during Game Developers Conference in February 2008, are available on the official IGF Mobile website's Finalists Page The IGF Mobile ceremony itself will take place during 2008’s GDC Mobile, with the winners also highlighted at the main Independent Games Festival Awards during GDC 2008."