Via a TIGSource tip, this video is just too much fun not to highlight - the folks at Pillowfort Games, just got announced as a 2008 Independent Games Festival finalist for Technical Excellence with their crazed fluid/AI-blending action title Goo!.

So they made a special Rocky-inspired montage video, called: 'Goo! The Road To IGF' to celebrate their nomination:

It's got pretty much everything in it, as you can see, including the necessary music, wood chopping and hill climbing, constant programming, and cats boxing. And it's also charming that Tommy from Pillowfort is excited enough about the IGF that he would go to all that trouble. Fun!

In any case, if you check out the Pillowfort Games blog, you can find out more about the game - including a slightly crazy 'orange skin' video showcasing some of the new effects in the game - also check YouTube for the original game pitch video, with a good explanation of how it works, and even better (this is the best explanation of the game itself!), the official Goo! website has a longer, newer narrated trailer of the game that starts with a Bruce Lee video quote and goes crazier from there. Two thumbs up!