- So I was reading the latest issue of PC Gamer U.S., profiling 'The Top 8 Games Of 2008' for PC - headed by Spore, of course. But one of the titles in there is the next sequel to Peggle from PopCap, and it's got a rather wonderful name, it's revealed - Peggle Nights.

This is wonderful news, firstly, because Peggle is too addictive, and we deserve as many versions of it as possible. But more to the point - any sequel naming itself in the fashion of Baywatch Nights deserves special plaudits. Why don't more sequels go off in the style of the Hoff?

In turn, this triggers a possibly interesting question. What kind of sequel naming do you prefer, and what are your favorite sequel naming choices in games?

There's everything from the simple and straightforward (Half-Life 2) to the slightly sophisticated (Deus Ex: Invisible War) all the way to the just plain odd (Marble Man, the prototype-only sequel to Marble Madness.) Examples of sequel names or desired sequel names are welcome...