- Actually, we already linked a number of the neat Gamasutra articles posted this week - including the Mark Rein interview and Ernest Adams on ten years of games, among others.

But there are a few more neat original pieces appearing on GSW's big sister site this week - and we will now guide you through them, starting out with features and ending with original news/Q&A highlights:

ESRB Rating Distributions ...And What They Tell Us
"In a fascinating new article, Gamasutra presents graphs and analysis of ESRB ratings across all games for major consoles. Does the Wii's family-friendly reputation hold up in ratings? What rating of games proliferated towards the end of the Xbox's life? Answers within..."

Persuasive Games: Video Game Zen
"So many video games are frantic, twitch-based experiences - so how about the inverse? Columnist Ian Bogost explores the history and possibilities for meditative, relaxing game titles, from Harvest Moon's gardening through the fingertip sensor-using Wild Divine."

Event Recap: Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival 2007
"Square Enix's multi-platform MMO Final Fantasy XI is still going strong, with 500,000 subscribers worldwide, five years after its 2002 debut - and Gamasutra was at the FFXI Anaheim fanfest to interview the Japanese developers and present a comprehensive festival round-up."

Secondly, the other notable original news/interviews published this week, from newest to oldest, are: IGC: Double Fusion's Bellamy Breaks Down In-Game Ads (their ad-supported version of FarCry was _too_ popular?)... GDC 2008 Debuts Summit Speaker Details (more subsummit info for Feb.)... Opinion: 'Cloning Created The Casual Game Business' (Russell Carroll cuts loose)... Road to the IGF: Heaven2Ocean's Water Drop Aims For The Sea (water dropping around)... Q&A: Time Crisis 4 Producer On The Return Of The Gun Game (asking for more GunCon 3 games from other publishers)... Road To The IGF: From Doodling To Kingdom Elemental Tactics (hurray for tacticking!)... Eidos Announces Deus Ex 3, Talks New Montreal Studio (French Canadian cyberpunk).

[Ah yeah, and let's round up the Montreal Game Summit write-ups we didn't mention earlier in the week, as follows: MIGS 2007: Flagship's Thompson On Finding Agility In The Random (different results are good!)... MIGS: First Details On Thatgamecompany's Flower Debut (abstract, goodness)... MIGS 2007: David Perry's Lessons On Free-To-Play From His Year 'Off' (getting increasingly wacky)... MIGS 2007: Spore's Hecker On AI, Photorealism (more on this one next week, if we can decode Hecker-speak)... MIGS 2007: God of War's Inciting Force - O'Connor On Writing For Games (God Of War vs. Gladiator).]