- Aha, time to round up some of the interesting stories (particular features) posted on the CMP Game Group's other sites, including Gamasutra, this week.

Of course, one of them is the gigantic 'Best Of 2007' compilation, which you've already seen most or all of reprinted on GSW, but there's plenty of other interesting material round here somewhere - such as:

- Scrum and Long Term Project Planning for Video Games
"The agile methodology known as Scrum is rapidly gaining development credence, and High Moon Studios CTO Clinton Keith (Darkwatch, The Bourne Conspiracy) presents this in-depth Gamasutra article explaining how publishers and developers can benefit through regular, focused iteration."

- A History of Gaming Platforms: The Vectrex
"The 'ambitious and unusual' vector-based Vectrex console was one of the most intriguing game console failures of all time, and Loguidice and Barton continue their 'History Of Gaming Platforms' series by analyzing the rise, fall, and legacy of the cult '80s console."

- Persuasive Games: The Holly and the Ivy
"Ian Bogost's latest 'Persuasive Games' column takes a seasonal twist, as he examines the history of holiday-related themes in games - from Christmas NiGHTS through Sims 2 expansions - and suggests that the industry should produce more Christmas games."

- Sponsored Feature: Going Live - Announcing XNA Game Studio 2.0
"This is the first in a series of game development articles hosted on the new XNA micro-site at Gamasutra. This month's article gives you an insider's look into the new features of XNA Game Studio 2.0. In addition, we introduce you to the broader XNA organization which serves both professional and community developers on Microsoft platforms."

- Better Living Through Order: An Eidos Montreal Studio Tour
"Want to know how Deus Ex 3 is being created? Gamasutra presents an in-depth Eidos Montreal studio tour, including comments from GM St├ęphane D'Astous and DX3 producer David Anfossi on the update to the seminal franchise."

And a couple of bonus original Gamasutra news stories/reports that are worth checking out - 'China Angle: Top 2007 Events Shaping The Future Of China's Industry', plus 'GDC Lyon: Kuju's Baverstock On Developer Marketing' and 'IGC: BioWare's Dubose Talks QA On New MMO'.