- Ah yes, even amidst the craziness of the Activision/Blizzard merger, which is probably the most exciting thing that's ever happened on a Sunday, if you're easily excitable, there are still GameSetLinks to be harvested.

This time, we found a particularly psychedelic version of Space Invaders upcoming for DS, as well as some neat paper games and social gaming advocacy galore, as follows:

YouTube - Space Invaders Extreme DS trailer
Whoa, synaesthesia alert - via Indy Gamer.

OgreCave.com - Christmas Gift Guide 2007
'Twelve Stocking Stuffer Games' - of the paper-game variety.

Pop Cosmopolitanism » Introducing the After School MMO Group
'The program involves working with a group of middle school and high school boys who don’t feel strongly affiliated with school.'

Journalistic Integrity and Holding the Line « High Dynamic Range Lying
Another view from a GSW columnist.

mbf [email protected]: Who needs game reviews, anyway? (updated)
Further thoughts on Kevin Gifford's recent GSW editorial.

Return of videoGaiden | Games | Guardian Unlimited
The Scottish wits hath returned to TV in the UK - some promos available.

Values At Play - Designing Social Values In Computer Games
Worthy, conceptually - via Tale Of Tales.

Surreal Game Design » Rejected Game Concepts #92: “The Thief of Thievery: A Thief’s Tale”
Very cute.

Women in Gaming: Ariella Lehrer, Legacy Interactive - Gamezebo.com
Legacy are a bit odd, in a Hollywood fashion, but a nice anomaly.

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Thank you, Microsoft.