- Ah yes, it's almost Crimble time, which means GSW will collectively be floating on the sofa in a haze of half-digested pudding and brandy. Wait, that's what we do most weekends, though.

In the meantime, here's a few notable links to tide you over, including some smart blogging on death in MMOs, a critique of the apparently 'fanfic'-like Silent Hill PSP title, and even the fun (and pictured above) promo video for N+, which is all live-action and viral and shuggywuggah. Gotta love that, and in the meantime:

Elder Game: MMO game development » What’s in a Death Penalty?
'I find it very interesting that WoW’s death penalty is much harsher than the death penalty in EQ2, which goes against our preconceived notions of these two games.'

Graphic Engine » Blog Archive » The Video Game Explosion
'A quick plug for a new book edited by my friend and colleague Mark J. P. Wolf, The Video Game Explosion: A History from Pong to PlayStation and Beyond (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008).' First I've heard of this.

Clickable Culture - ‘I Am Legend’ In Saintly Style
Broken Saints guys doing I Am Legend promo - more Flash movie than game, but interesting in an Internet-creative way.

Silent Hill: Origins | The New Gamer
'Like the fanfiction writer, they know they like the scenery and style of Silent Hill 2, but they don't understand the deeper meaning behind the imagery.'

Pop Cosmopolitanism » On Zelda And Timelines
There is an upcoming book called 'The Legend of Zelda and Philosophy'. Who should we thank?

Teaching Game Design: Pittsburgh Game Jam games available for download
Including a four-player co-op maze game with a fog of war? Blimey.

Water Cooler Games - Scholastic Defiles Self, World with Game-Book Tie-ins
Amusingly abusive, but interesting to see book/webgame hookups to the fore here.

War Angels coming to XBLA | XBLArcade.com
Mr. Robot creators Moonpod are behind this - v.good news.

N+: ninjas, robots and awesome
Live-action trailer for the XBLA/handheld indie expansion - totallycute!