- Well, it's the midpoint of the week already, and GameSetLinks have been a bit slow in coming, thanks to rampant busyness/business at work, as well as lots of people complaining about my non-inclusion of Super Stardust HD in the downloadable games chart.

Still, I'd like to mutter in penitence to the guys at Housemarque that I not only bought the PSN title, I even bought the original Stardust for the Amiga. So they're getting my money even if I don't tip my hat to their game (Finnish demoscene coders for the win, incidentally!) And here goes some links:

The Hollywood Reporter: WBIE on developer shopping spree
Good Paul Hyman profile piece - Lego Batman, Lego Indiana Jones FTW, also.

GameTap: School of Thought: DigiPen
Some thought-provoking game school profiles, not an area that's covered too often outside of GameCareerGuide, etc.

damned vulpine » Mike Wilson apologizes for (Game)cock-up at stupid awards show
Interesting points on Gamecock getting just a little bit out of hand, random.

Strange Journeys » The Player Pie
Tyler Sigman's blog adds a neat illustration for an earlier Gamasutra article he did.

Orpheus Internet: Sony Playstation 3 Support - Network Help, Broadband Help, Firewall Rules and Configuration, NAT, Online Game Setup
The PS3 has majorly messed-up network config issues - check out some of the game-specific port issues!

AStrange: GPL violations in ICO
Updated with more proof - naughty Fumito!

YouTube - Time Crisis 4 Scarface Parody
Someone 'suspiciously' sent these to me with the word 'viral' in the email. I'm obliging because they're vaguely cute.

YouTube - Time Crisis 4 Terminator Parody
And here's the other one. Not bad.

Review: Why Xbox Originals Needs A Major Overhaul | Game | Life from Wired.com
I _somewhat_ see the point - but see my comment about secondhand game $$ only going into GameStop's pocket.