- Not giving up yet on the GameSetLinks, and this set encompasses a multitude of sins - particularly Chris Baker's game-related bonus access to the Futurama crew thanks to his recent Wired article, yum.

Also notable, though, is the Eurogamer crew (who rarely put a step wrong) getting an honest-to-goodness Xmas-themed Spectrum game made about them, Gus Mastrapa's neeto Rock Band list, Petri Purho's latest distinctly tongue-in-cheek indie game, and a few other gems - za za zoo zoo:

The Compleat Gamer Geek's Guide to Futurama | Game | Life from Wired.com
Leftover game goodness from Mr. Baker's Wired Futurama profile. YUM!

The Flogging Will Continue… » There and (mostly) Back Again; A Solstice Greeting
All kinds of Daniel James randomness, including him being fashion blogged in a truly horrific (in a good way?) suit.

Looky Touchy: Something For the Ladies: 25 Songs With Female Vocals That Should Be in Rock Band
Thoughtful list articles involving Rock Band FTW.

Kloonigames » Blog Archive » M3 - Molesting the Match-3 Market
'The idea in the game is that you’re a casual games’ level designer and it’s your job to create levels for the game, in which the players can get the maximum score without really doing anything.'

richardcobbett.co.uk > Richard's Online Journal > Gamer Snap
Some awesome random gaming pictures, including a Tabula Rasa one that made me guffaw.

Insomnia | Reviews | Wii | No More Heroes
Distinctly lukewarm review - we'll see how polarizing the game is.

Eurogamer: Article - The Eurogamer Xmas game!
A special ZX Spectrum game all about rescuing them at Xmas from Eurogamer Towers. They win (and a screenshot is pictured above!)

MTV Multiplayer » ‘Dirty Dancing’ Game Brings Back Childhood Memories, Questions
Insert 'time of my life' joke here.

Sirlin.net — Your source of shocking insights on game design: CGS is Plagiarizing to Win
Oh dear, a writer borrowing Sirlin concepts for a championship gaming site blog.