- It's that time of week when literally anything can happen - but a couple of days off work is what tends to. Hence, GameSetLinks delves deeply into the spectacular array of gaming links we've been accumulating this week, starting off with Kim Pallister talking about game credits.

Also on the menu - Valve's Marc Laidlaw getting all R'lyeh, Korean cartoonists drawing the GameSetWatch guy (who was originally designed by Mira Han, by the way - I'm not sure if we've ever given her a shout-out so obviously before!), and all kinds of other coolness. Here goes goes goes:

...on pampers, programming & pitching manure: Game Credits: Labels vs Nuance in a Tag-Cloud Age
Absolutely awesome post on game crediting, seguing off a Game Developer column.

Agustin Cordes - Interview - Adventure Classic Gaming
The South American developer of the interesting graphic adventure Scratches.

Playing to Learn - GameCareerGuide.com
James Portnow on game design, with a bonus quiz at the end!

GameSpite Issue #3 - Jeremy Parish's friends geek out on game ephemera
'Unlike last time, where we crammed Final Fantasy down your throat until Moogles were spilling out of your ears, this update has only the general concept of "video games" as its connective ligament.'

ansi: about
Oo, an ANSI art gallery show in San Francisco in January 2008, with special lightboard displays.

Marc Laidlaw, "The Vicar of R'lyeh," Flurb #4
The Half-Life 2 scripter's awesome-ridiculous Cthuhuloid story for a Rudy Rucker online anthology. (Rucker's illustration accompanying the story is above!)

isdead: The Cynical Felix.: GameSetWatch-ed.
GameSetWatch guy gets sketched by a Korean indie cartoonist!

GameTap: The Commodore Turns 25
Good coverage of the Computer History Museum event by Mr. Handy.

sardius_: mystifying ebgames.com descriptions of the week
Ugh, more and more weird/terrible DS/Wii games sprouting every second.

Independent Games Festival 2008 Award Nominees - Part 1 : Critical Hits
Helpful links to videos and info on 6 of the finalists from a blogger.