- Aha, mopping up some other neat pieces of GameSetLink-age from around the Internet, there's a bunch of fun stuff in here - including a look at some Rogue-likes, as well as an interactive fiction competition from the TIGSource homies.

Also notable - some good pieces on women in the games biz and the state of machinima. Please to enjoy:

loonyblog: My top ten games of the year.
2K's Jason 'loonyboi' Bergman picks his top 2007 games - yes, including Space Giraffe!

Special Report: Crossing borders, part one - News at GameSpot
On tax credits for developers in Canada, the UK, Australia. (Via Clint Hocking)

The Brainy Gamer: In search of narrative, character, and empathy
'I'll revisit two landmark titles from two prior eras of gaming: A Mind Forever Voyaging (1985) and Planescape: Torment (1999).'

Raph’s Website » GDC Prime 2007: What We Are Missing
Secretish conference, interesting lecture.

selectbutton :: Shiren the Frotherer DS
'Shiren is a very deep, difficult and satisfying game, and there's never been anything quite like it on a console.'

The Independent Gaming Source: 'The Games of Gamma 256'
A more cogent explanation that I previously made on GSW.

Tales of the Rampant Coyote: Game Programmers Versus Game Designers
'It seems that the trick companies are using to help scale projects is put more burden on designers for creating the data, scripting solutions, and so forth'.

The Independent Gaming Source: Text the Halls: a TIGSource IF Competition
Derek and friends are bringing text adventures back back!

MTV Multiplayer » Women Working in Games
A set of excellent interviews with women in and around the game biz.

VIDEOLUDICA: 'Interview: Paul Marino at the European Machinima Film Festival 2007'
Marino knows machinima, so this is useful.