Well, we're making this a yearly event now - following 2006's game company Christmas card gallery, GSW has got its trusty scanner out and is posting all the neat Xmas greeting cards we collectively got from our friends in the game biz.

Firstly, let's give a shout-out to the other sites who've started this job - in particular, the UK chaps at ComputerAndVideoGames.com have posted over 10 scanned cards from this year, including neat Rare, Konami, and Blizzard ones. In addition, Kotaku has 7 more cards posted, with some awesome Namco Bandai, Petroglyph, and Lionhead digital/physical cards. Oh, and there's Valve's ApertureScience.com online card, of course.

These cards are compiled from everyone in the CMP Game Group offices - special thanks to GDC exec director Jamil Moledina, Game Developer senior editor Brandon Sheffield, and Gamasutra features editor Christian Nutt for letting me take their cards home to scan.

Between us, we have over 15 specially designed game firm Xmas cards not posted online by C&VG and Kotaku yet this holiday season, so we'll be putting them out in three posts, and compiling them all into one big megapost after that. Fun! Let's go:

PopCap's card came with some really cute set of three notebooks with embossed PopCap game characters on them, and a little Xmas-y company factsheet which revealed the firm has managed 50% growth per year _every year_ for the past few years. Good lord, casual games megaton.


Another 'reveal'-styled Final Fantasy card from Square Enix this year, and this time, it looks like a snowman... before opening the card reveals that the eyes are actually from a super-kawaii Chocobo. Aw!

The folks from Marvelous Interactive (Harvest Moon) sent over this distinctly Japanese-styled card celebrating Santa's skydiving prowess. Reborn!

From Naughty Dog, the stars of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune take the opportunity to wish us a happy holiday season - further displaying some of that Magnum P.I.-ish vibe that makes me grin.


The crown jewel of this particular set, BioWare's Xmas card features completely awesome custom Mass Effect art (both Santa-themed and super-deformed!), and a catchy 'Jingle Bells'-pastiche Xmas poem within which starts 'Mass Effect, Mass Effect, Shepard's on his way, He's out spreading Christmas cheer throughout the mass relays'. More cards soon!