- Over at Gordon Luk's GetLuky.com, the Yahoo! developer has been discussing the new BravoNation.com website, a Y! project currently in closed beta.

Interestingly, the site is aimed at bringing Xbox Live-style achievements to, uhh, life on the web itself, for any real, imagined, satirical, or factual achievement of your choice.

Andy at Waxy.org has a good overview with lots of screenshots, but the original name of the project is instructive, as Gordon explains: "Earlier this year, I presented a team prototype hack at one of Yahoo!’s internal Hack Days called “World of Y!Craft”, which was an attempt at creating a platform for incentive systems for various Yahoo! properties."

Ex-Yahoo-er Andy explains the crossover concepts a bit further: "Inspired by the gaming panels from SXSW Interactive earlier this year, Gordon wrote a series of blog entries drawing parallels between multiplayer gaming and Web 2.0 communities. In particular, his three-part series on avatars discussed different achievement-like systems in gaming, on the web, and the crossover between them." Game-birthed concepts that go far beyond games, then?