- Over at Henry Jenkins' blog, the 'great bearded one' has been interviewing David Hutchison, author of 'Playing to Learn: Video Games in the Classroom', in a two-part interview - that was the first, here's the second - and it's an interesting read on the pedagogical nature of gaming.

As Jenkins notes in his intro: "In explaining the value of games for schools, I often say that "nobody is advocating bringing Grand Theft Auto into the classroom" and go on to point to a broader range of other titles which do seem more appropriate for school use. But Hutchinson makes a fairly compelling argument for why schools should be addressing Grand Theft Auto in the comments which follow."

And indeed, as Hutchison himself explains of his book: "The GTA activity I chose tasks students with creating their own kid-friendly open-world game that doesn't include all the adult content we normally associate with games in this franchise... I also wanted to encourage teachers to deal with controversial ideas related to video games. There are contributed discussion articles in the book that address debates related to video games and violence, video game addiction, gender bias in video games, and health and video games." More 'M for mature' thinking like this, please - if you'll excuse the pun.