- Jim Munroe is a nice chap who runs the No Media Kings organization up in Toronto - you might have heard of him in relation to games because of his 'Freeware Rebellion' mini-doc, or his satirical GTA machinima 'My Trip To Liberty City'.

In any case, he just sent out his latest newsletter, and nestled quietly in there is word of the 'Artsy Games Incubator' project, a Toronto-based club that is 'sponsored by' Metanet (of N/N+ fame) and Queasy Games (Everyday Shooter, of course), and has a really refreshing angle on game making.

As Munroe explains: "A lot of artists I know have great ideas for videogames, but no programming skills. A lot of videogame makers I know wish there was more creativity and innovation happening in the field, but don’t know how best to foster it. I started the Artsy Games Incubator to try to address both issues."

As he explains: "We just had our first prototype set of sessions, with four of us meeting once a week for four weeks, and I kept notes. Using point-and-click game creation tools we made games and game elements for the sessions and invited feedback and discussion from the other members. It’s based on the writer’s-circle model that I’ve also used for movie making." It really looks like the participants came up with interesting stuff using tools like Adventure Game Studio and the N level editor - and it's a great cross-media idea in general. More of this, please.