- The New York-based Totilo/Croal nexus (aha, 'Crotilo' is their new name, like 'Bennifer!') continues to blaze a trail for high quality game journalism, despite their obvious proximity to the Atlantic Ocean tending them to complete irrelevance (yes, I'm looking to start a West Coast/East Coast beef, what of it? Look out for my informative upcoming mixtape on the subject.)

In any case, MTV's Multiplayer blog has posted video from The Metagame, a real-life panel game show about... video games, which was filmed as part of MTV's Games Week going on this week.

As an accompanying blog post written by MTV's Stephen Totilo explains: "On Friday, November 2, I joined MTV News’ Tim Kash in a face-off of video arguments against Newsweek’s N’Gai Croal and author Heather Chaplin. We played “The Metagame,” a game show created by game designers Eric Zimmerman, co-founder of Gamelab, and Frank Lantz, co-founder of Area/Code."

Some of the questions, and results, were as follows: "Opinion: “Tetris” has more randomness than “Resident Evil”... Argument: Team MTV said it does. Team Brooklyn challenged... Verdict: Overruled — The audience agreed with Team Brooklyn." Or, indeed: "Opinion: “Virtua Fighter” is sexier than “Super Mario 64″... Argument: Team Brooklyn said it was. Team MTV said it wasn’t... Verdict: Upheld — The audience sided with Team Brooklyn." Brooklyn took it, folks.