- Game journalist Troy Goodfellow's blog, Flash Of Steel, has been debating the concept of symbolic figureheads in game development - and he hits on some pretty interesting points about - well, this: "For how long should game journalists be expected to go to Will Wright for every Sims article or to Sid Meier for every Civ article?"

As Goodfellow notes: "Meier is still heavily involved in play testing and prototyping but neither has been the lead designer on their signature franchise for over a decade. From where I sit, Wright’s position on the Sims community would be dated, but if my article had taken a different standpoint and addressed issues of, say, consumerism, avatar development, etc. should the series founder still be the go to guy for perspectives on the series?"

His central thesis? "Yesterday I was exchanging emails with a friend who has moved into game development and he talked about how collaborative the process is; how the idea of the lead designer we grew up with is increasingly irrelevant. You still need a central repository to bring all these ideas together, but design is messy... [yet] the idea of the Game God persists even as the industry becomes less dependent on original breakthrough designs and more dependent on a consistent collection of talent." So, what to do? Perhaps some kind of Borg-style concatenated name crediting for teams? [Article illustration is to amuse Sparky!]