- More neat development blogs (which need an RSS feed, ahem!) from the folks at Spacetime Studios, and a recent one from VP and art director Jake Rodgers is called 'Made In China, and deals with a trip to GDC China, development partners in Beijing, and the fascinating Chinese game development scene.

Rodgers gives a good description of Shanghai as a city, for starters: "To the westerners (like myself) who haven’t been to China before, witnessing Shanghai leaves you a bit punch drunk, even if you’ve seen Blade Runner. I thought I was going to a communist country, but it appeared to be the work of capitalists – maybe more than any US city I’ve been to. That is, capitalists on Red Bull maybe, and riding a magic dragon. There’s so much new construction that it gives a singular message of rapid but designed progress."

He also passes on some interesting and 'on the ground' feedback about game artsourcing: "Yes, it still makes economic sense to outsource art in China, but the returns are shrinking in some ways. For example, the sheer value of money- RMB vs USD is trending in favor of the RMB, something consistent over the last few years. Because of competition and increasing costs of studios located in the major coastal cities and Beijing, the cost has become prohibitive to the ‘guys getting together to start a studio’." Lots more good info in the piece. (Via We Can Fix That With Data.)