- Aha, now here's an interesting email that is worth passing on to you pretentious GameSetWatch readers:

"Thought I would share a curious new artwork/game from me, Jason Nelson (yes I like to name myself) Ten levels of abstract art meets zombie play, with absurd video game theory videos between levels. - title: alarmingly these are not [email protected] zombies."

He continues: "oh, and all thoughts on this bizarre new creation are more than appreciated and of course feel more than free to share anywhere, anywhere, me likes to the viral spread of strange artwork.... or revisit: game, game, game and again game."

That first title (Game, Game, Game, Game) was recently reviewed at Play This Thing!, and mentioned a bunch of other places, for being a title that "...combines the simple platform mechanics of Mario with sketch/crayon/scribble graphics (hanging together nicely) and post-post-modern lyric poetry. Great audio and video Easter eggs are scattered throughout." Yes, there is some artworldkwak here, but I find it refreshingly playful.