- Well, there you go - I'm officially back at the helm of the good ship GameSetWatch. Thanks to Karsden for his amazing work guest editing the site in my absence. (Incidentally, I made a GSW category with just his guest posts in if you need to keep and cherish them.)

And yes, we'd love to get him to do a regular column, but we'll wait til he's recovered from marzipan poisoning before we ask him nicely. In any case, I had fun editing Kotaku this week, and the next three or four posts will round up the 'original reporting' I did there, since the volume of posts on the site means you might have missed some of it.

One of my 'original-ish' series for the week was '5 Indie Picks', in which I picked out some pay-to-download independent games which the average Kotaku reader might have missed, and then pointed at it a lot, waggling my finger:

- Pick #1 was Deadly Rooms Of Death, of which I comment "...It's like almost nothing else out there... if you like thinking and computer games (see: Portal), you will like D.R.O.D." OK, cheeky comparison, but forgivable, I hope.

- Pick #2 was Pocketwatch's Venture Arctic, a game I definitely think has been lost in the shuffle, noting that it "acts as a sort of Al Gore-ish god game, in which "...the player controls the forces of earth, sun, wind, and water to bring summer and winter to polar bears, orcas, and more..." So, Douglas Adams' 'Last Chance To See' meets Black & White, then?"

- Pick #3 was Grubby Games' Professor Fizzwizzle & The Molten Mystery, noting that "...it's logic puzzles in a cute family-friendly manner? Yep, and you just don't see this kind of thing from the mainstream any more." I also recommended their Katamari vs. Breakout fun of Fizzball in passing.

- Picks #4 and #5, made in a single post because of Thanksgiving, were Blackwell Unbound ("a classic point and click-style adventure game in the LucasArts/Sierra style" - and I just noticed the first Blackwell is in the Top 20 at Big Fish - wider success ahoy!), as well as Lexaloffle's Chocolate Castle ("a tricky sliding block puzzle game".)

Some of you guys may know these games, but hey, it bears repeating - publicity for them (and resulting sales) allows their continued existence, so anything I can do.