- Aha, I see that the winners of this year's Interactive Fiction Competition have been announced, and there's all kind of text adventure goodness in there - but the amusingly named 'Lost Pig' from 'Grunk' wins out.

SidneyMerk.com has a review of the game, explaining: "Lost Pig is told from the decidedly simple perspective of the main character, an orc named Grunk. A new player might mistake Grunk’s broken English and seemingly unambitious goal as laziness on the author’s part. After only a few minutes of play, however, it becomes pleasingly obvious how much effort has gone into creating Grunk’s world."

All the games from 2007 are available to download at IFComp, and there are lots of impressions on the Intfiction.org forums, and also on Emily Short's blog and especially on SidneyMerk.com's site, where he's reviewed all the entries in some detail. Oh, and IFDB has details/reviews on all the games, so there.