- We've covered her 'insider'-related game biz posts before, and the still-mysterious 'Surfer Girl' has made at least four or five notable posts since we last mentioned her.

So let's go through them and pick the best from'Twenty-Five More Things, plus 'Disaster: Day Of Ubisoft's Wii Problems', 'November's First Things', 'For The Various People Who Do Not Read Comments', and 'Dante'.

Here are the items I personally found interesting - with my comments in brackets - and again, it's worth mentioning that Surfer Girl is the only anonymous alleged industry insider we've covered at all on GSW, and that's for a very rare reason - her information looks largely legit to me:

- "Ubisoft will be publishing Soma, the Human Head/Mark Ecko collaboration coming to PS3 and 360 sometime before two years from now, and which I guarantee is way cooler than the overrated Prey." (First time this announced partnership has a game name and publisher, if correct.)

- "Zoonami has a few titles that will be available through WiiWare next year... Q Entertainment is working on WiiWare title or two for release for next year... Wii Motor Sports Airplane is a WiiWare title." (Somewhat rare to see WiiWare rumors right now, and Martin Hollis' Zoonami makes theoretical sense, so again - nothing fanboy obvious, here, which means it's more likely than not.)

- "Ubisoft Montpelier is working on Beyond Good & Evil 2, Frédérick Raynal's new game (creepy), and an MMO. One of those will see release next year and the other two in 2009." (The Raynal thing is obscure but confirmed, and blimey, BG&E 2 would be interesting, for sure.)

- "Before the [Xbox's] announcement, Microsoft had a mandate for the game studios it owned to come up with ideas, ideas that have never been realized before in games. ACeS' Dante was one of the lucky few that made it to prototype phase... the game would have put you in the place of firefighter Jeremiah Dante, as he was followed around by the "911 HoverCam" that filmed his adventures for a live TV show, as he fought fires using his futuristic, high-tech equipment like the cannon on his arm that used a combination of lasers (yes, lasers) and water to fight fires." (The post also has screenshots, and this is far too specific and visuals-accompanying to be made up, also given previous familiarity with ACeS from Surfer Girl.)

- "Nintendo really did not want Rayman Raving Rabbits 2 to come at the same time as Super Mario Galaxy, since their game had a stratosphere of buzz and the limbless guy's popular party might disrupt sales of SMG, Nintendo tried anything they could do to refuse to give their approval; for example, in one instance, they said that one of the clouds in the game was shaped like Pikachu." (Probably subjective from the developer end, but cute, in any case.)