- Aha - a happy post-Thanksgiving to all you folks. Almost done with that fun Kotaku guest action (and will be summarizing the original material I posted over the weekend, for those who can't keep up with the 60+ posts a day the collected team whacks up over there!)

In any case, our pride and joy big sister site Gamasutra ended up posting some features over Thanksgiving, and you may find the content bucket a little empty at this joyous time of year.

So we thought it was worth rattling off a list of the notable original stories we published this week - firstly features, and then some news/interview highlights:

- Game Feel: The Secret Ingredient
"Game designer and lecturer Steve Swink takes a close look at the "overlooked phenomenon" of game feel, referencing titles such as Super Mario 64, Zuma, and Donkey Kong in his intriguing quest to work out how designers can create a smoothly controlled digital game object."

- Postmortem: Freeverse's Marathon 2: Durandal
"Developer Freeverse was the team behind the recent 'enhanced port' of classic Bungie title Marathon 2 to Xbox Live Arcade, and in this exclusive postmortem, the company's Mark Levin goes into detail on the trials and triumphs of updating a Mac classic to XBLA."

- Designing A Next-Gen Game For Sound
"In this game audio article, sound designer Rob Bridgett (Scarface: The World Is Yours) discusses the key elements of next-gen audio - and just what sounding "as good as film" means in today's increasingly sophisticated market."

- The Development Of A Continuum: Andrey Iones On TimeShift
"Saber Interactive's Vivendi-published TimeShift has a fascinating path to market - two publishers, developed on two continents, and a year of re-development after the game's original completion in 2006 - and Gamasutra chats to VP of production Andrey Iones about the title's storied history."

- All The World's A Stage: Inside Silicon Knights
"Gamasutra recently had a chance to tour Canadian developer Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness, Too Human) - resulting in intriguing thoughts from founder Denis Dyack and other staffers on process, university recruitment, and how government subsidies can go too far."

Finally, notable original news/interviews published this week, from newest to oldest, are: Carmack, Kang Talk Id Mobile, Nintendo Love (discussing Wolfenstein mobile/DS, Orcs & Elves to Wii); Q&A: Disney Online's Goslin Talks Pirates Online (on Disney's new Depp-ish free-to-play MMO); MIT: Koster, Jenkins On 'Fan Labor', User-Generated Content (Raph and friends on how to get the fans to do work for you); Id's Carmack: World Of Warcraft The 'Train' Driving PC Gaming (Carmack on the state of PC games); MIT: Heroes, Narnia Panel Talks Transmedia Storytelling (film/game crossover thoughts with Heroes exec producer); IGDA Forum: Gamelab's Herdlick On Managing A Happy Team (happy game employees are good!); Future Play Panel Talks Self-Censorship And 'The Chilling Effect' (are developers censoring their own games?).