- Wow, quite a time for Brandon B., our News Editor at Gamasutra to be out on holiday, since there's ridiculous amounts of analyst call good/badness going down right now, since EA, Midway, and THQ all released their financial results at the same time.

Still, myself, Leigh Alexander, and Christian Nutt just about got it all sorted out, albeit with a modicum of bleeding from the ears.

Getting all of that out of the way in one paragraph, since it's not very GSW-y, but actually quite interesting, we have: 'EA: Rock Band Inventory Won't Meet Overwhelming Demand', there's 'Midway: 'Big Strain' On Wii Game Manufacture Leading To Delays', there's 'Zucker: PS3 Tech Issues Over, 'Ambitious Open-World Game' Coming Soon', and there's 'Riccitiello: NCAA PS2 Pricing Too High, Wii & PS3 Trends Probed'. So there.

And on to more fun stuff from Gamasutra and associated sites, in case you missed any of it - there's a bit of casual, a bit of indie, a sprig of Nintendo, and some smatterings of Woo in here somewhere:

- Nintendo's Numbers: The State Of The Industry (Gamasutra)
"A recent Nintendo investor briefing included more than 30 slides with fascinating details on the company's success with DS and Wii in the U.S. and Europe -- as well as many detailed on the company's competition -- compiled by Gamasutra and presented here with detailed analysis."

- GameCity: Panel Talks Game Industry Responsibility (Gamasutra)
"How much responsibility should and does the game biz take over its own content? Following a screening of Danny Ledonne's 'Playing Columbine' documentary at GameCity last week, Slamdance/Indiecade's Sam Roberts and former Edge editor Margaret Robertson discussed cross-cultural reactions in a post Super Columbine RPG world."

- Editorial: Microtransactions in Social Networking: The Future of Mobile Gaming (Games On Deck)
"In this editorial for Games On Deck, Gamevil USA President Kyu C. Lee espouses his believe that microtransactions, the driving force behind the popularity of Korean online social games such as Kartrider and Maple Story, can be used to broaden and expand the market for mobile games within the framework of free, casual multiplayer titles."

- - Road To The IGF: OokiBloks' Musical Ape Antics (Gamasutra)
"Continuing Gamasutra’s ‘Road to the IGF’ feature, which profiles and interviews Independent Games Festival 2008 entrants, we talk to Matt Verran and Brian Flanagan of Hermit Games and StudioWork3, developers of music-focused action-puzzle title OokiBloks, which pits a monkey against a hermit crab in a colorful homage to the Japanese doujin scene."

- Getting Hard Boiled: Midway Chicago's Mike Bilder on Stranglehold (Gamasutra)
"How do you launch a major next-gen game property on multiple SKUs? Gamasutra spoke to Midway Chicago studio head Mike Bilder about the development of Stranglehold, from overcoming PlayStation 3 technical issues to working with John Woo and Midway's attempted next-gen turnaround."

AMD On Graphics: 360 and Wii GPU Guru Speaks (Gamasutra)
"Both the Xbox 360 and the Wii have GPUs designed by AMD, and Gamasutra talked to Bob Feldstein, VP at the company, for a rare interview to discuss the philosophy behind console GPU development - and the present and future of the game industry from a chip supplier's perspective."

- Casually Speaking: 'Casual Game Portals: The Inside Story' (Gamasutra)
"Starting a new casual game-specific monthly column, Reflexive's Russell Carroll explains the distribution mechanism for casual games in unprecedented detail, comparing catalog and features for the major online game portals and explaining just how they make money."

- Road To The IGF: Schizoid's New Wave For Co-Op (Gamasutra)
"Continuing Gamasutra’s ‘Road to the IGF’ feature, which profiles and interviews Independent Games Festival 2008 entrants, we talk to Torpex Games' Bill Dugan, co-creator of Schizoid, about his XBLA shooter whose gameplay hinges on collaborative co-op."