- Aha, trying something different this time with GameSetMicroLinks - seeing if I can add relevant gaming bookmarks to Del.icio.us and then export them periodically - for a whole lot of random game link love.

Doesn't look quite as spectacular as the other method, visually, but seems to work OK - here's the first fruits of that tactic, dear GSW reader:

Blue's News: GameTap's Re/Visioned: Tomb Raider & Activision
After the first season's animated mini-series - 'Episodes in Season Two will revolve around the worlds and characters featured in Activision’s most iconic titles such as Pitfall, Kaboom and Pressure Cooker.'

Costume GET!: Holiday Costume Outlook
Wataru Maruyama's quirky blog on costumes in games is still going strong.

Confessions of an Aca/Fan: From Serious Games to Serious Gaming (Part One): Revolution
'Revolution was a total conversion mod of the popular PC game Neverwinter Nights modeled on Colonial Williamsburg.'

EQ2 Deserves a Second Look | Madness & Games
'The game may have a few rough edges, but the team has shown a commitment to ongoing, high quality improvements.'

Pop Cosmopolitanism » tacit epistemologies in WoW forums
'Either game forums like these tend to draw folks with a more nuanced stance toward knowledge or forums like these tend to foster that stance in folks drawn to them.'

Tale of Tales » Interview with IGF Chairman Simon Carless
Yes, it's me, talking about the state of independent games. Hopefully in a rational manner.

The Independent Gaming Source: Cave Story Production Materials
Aha, '...a collection of screens and concepts from early in the game’s development.'

- Pictures from the Sega Private Fall Show 2007 « Arcade Heroes
Including Derby Owner's Club 2008, and a Japanese arcade version of Uno.

the-inbetween.com [ Facebook, Game Platform]
'The best we can hope for is something new. A new game built on top of all these social networks. The userbase is there. The technology is there. Somebody just needs to make an investment.'

RePlay Magazine on Raw Thrills' arcade game success
How Eugene Jarvis is doing now: "Video game maker Raw Thrills has just issued a new production release of The Fast & Furious Drift, bringing the total number of units to roll off the factory line up to the 3,500 mark.'

THQ XBLA Title Information Overload | XBLArcade.com
Frozen Codebase's second game revealed, Elements Of Destruction: 'You are a force of nature. Move and manipulate Mother Nature to your design.'

damned vulpine » Docubloggers on the UT Videogame Archive
Video of Garriott and Spector's Texas archive, and a new part-time job helping to maintain it.

SpringerLink: 'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: A Meta-analytic Review of Positive and Negative Effects of Violent Video Games'
Only a synopsis, but: 'Results from the current analysis did not support the conclusion that violent video game playing leads to aggressive behavior.'