- Was doing a lot of prospecting of MicroLinks for my Kotaku guest stint last week, so will be rolling out some of the neat leftover elements from it on GameSetWatch over the next couple of days.

Among the highlights this time is new video of Cecropia's innovative, sadly canned arcade game The Act, Japanmanship on developer burnout, incredibly geeky TRS-80 RPG playthrough, and lots more, yay:

Ascii Dreams - a Roguelike Developer's Diary: Why do games (still) have levels?
'So in this era of multi-megabyte and gigabyte memory and fast access storage devices why do we continue to have games that are dominated by the level structure, be they commercial (Halo 3, Portal, Team Fortress 2), independent (Darwinia) and amateur (Nethack, Angband)."

Teaching Takes Time - Warren Spector's blog
Spector's course at the University Of Texas sounds neeto.

Japanmanship: The Big Dipper
'There is a well-documented problem with longevity amongst game industry careerists.'

Insomnia | Reviews | Atomiswave | The King of Fighters XI
'Taking into account all the above, KOF XI is clearly for the new-schoolers in KOF.'

Worthy Representation: Informing and Empowering Parents of Gamers ¬´ High Dynamic Range Lying
'It is encouraging to see sites springing up that aim to bridge the gap between industry know-it-alls and parents out of the loop.'

Idle Thumbs: Every Extend Extra Extreme: It's in the Game (or How I Learned to Forget About Feedback Loops and Switch-Off
'E4 demands the player understand and embrace the symbiotic relationship between music, light and game play.'

Fullbright: Length
'A straightforward post today: the games I play are just too long.'

- I <3 you Portal. - Chris' MySpace Blog
Another neat Chris Avellone (Obsidian designer) cartoon.

An intimate discussion with Will Wright. | Laura Foy | Channel 10
Fascinating no matter what.

Interview with Arlen Ritchie, Moola's CEO - Business & Games: The Blog
'Basically, you play your pennies against other players in one of the mini-games available and try to climb the advertournament's ladder.'

Gates of Delirium Live - Post 8 | Armchair Arcade
yakumo9275's (Stu) ongoing "Gates of Delirium Live" recounting of his play through this obscure Computer Role Playing Game for the Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer.

The Act Part 2 - Physical movement sequence ¬´ Arcade Heroes
Video from the super-rare mood-controlling arcade machine 'The Act'.

Why were we not informed by Homeland Security?