Since all the other more hip, cool game sites are full of photos of Mario cupcakes, Companion Cube cookies, and pies that look like the load screen of Gunstar Heroes I thought, we here at GameSetWatch must also display our gaming confectionery skills.

Thus Ulrike (our VP of sales) made a lovely chocolate cake of which she was very proud, the top of which was decorated with a marzipan sculpture of the GameSetWatch logo creature. I do not know what this logo creature is exactly, I think it is a baby chicken in a robot battle suit. Although I do not know why a chicken would wish to fight like a robot -- perhaps the influence of Berzerk? Anyway, Ulrike brought me into the office kitchen to show this cake to me and imagine our shocksurprise when we opened the refrigerator and found THE CAKE HAD BEEN EATEN:


Ulrike was in tears. Crispin, our intern, was also in tears (but I cannot say for sure it had anything to do with the cake, he is very emotional) I know that I did not do it – I do not like marzipan. Lothar is not in the office this week. Ziggy has no thumbs and cannot open the refrigerator. Bruno has an alibi -- he was in the library with the lead pipe.

And then Otto walked in with chocolate crumbs all down the front of his "Sith Happens" t-shirt.

How dare he? Did he think he would get away with this? I turned on him, all prepared for a Phoenix-Wright-like confrontation...


...but he confessed! He said he thought the cake was for Crispin's party. Crispin's party was yesterday. And I ask you, why would it be proper for him to eat the entire cake if it were Crispin's? Well, I suppose would not be overly upset if the cake were Crispin's. He is only an intern, after all. But that is neither there nor here!

Otto merely shrugged and went back to his compiling. Like Galactus, Otto devours all and makes no apologies.

I am so angry at him for spoiling my cake post. But there are few C++ programmers in Southern Germany, much less ones with as much experience as Otto. So this is the type of thing up with which we must put. In our dungeon, he possesses the Tenure of Vecna, which gives him a permanent Globe of Invulnerability. Still, he is horribly rude, and I wish I could slap him with Bigby's Slapping Hand.

I blame video games. He must have been playing Manhunt 2.

Or Cake Mania.

-- Karsden