- So, both news editor Brandon Boyer and special correspondent Mathew Kumar have wandered off to the Montreal International Game Summit, which has some pretty interesting keynotes and lectures this year.

We've gone the extra mile at big sister site Gamasutra by getting full in-person notes on the major lectures, and then having editors back here write them up properly. This means that we get a couple of thousand words and in-depth coverage of the talks, rather than simply edited highlights.

Thus, from the first day, here are the key talks from Nintendo, Retro Studios, and, uhh, J. Blow Esq.:

- MIGS 2007: Retro Studios On The Journey Of Metroid Prime
"At the 2007 Montreal Games Summit, Retro Studios president and CEO Michael Kelbaugh discussed the Metroid Prime arc of the classic Nintendo franchise, highlighting challenges faced by the team - from the trilogy's 3D debut, to incorporating Wii functionality with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption."

- MIGS 2007: Nintendo's Koizumi On The Path From Garden To Galaxy
"In his 2007 Montreal Games Summit opening keynote attended by Gamasutra, veteran Nintendo game developer Yoshiaki Koizumi discussed the path taken from Super Mario 64 to Super Mario Galaxy, growing into the 3D space, and the challenges, inspiration and successes along the way - comprehensive write-up within."

- MIGS 2007: Jonathan Blow On The 'WoW Drug', Meaningful Games
"At the 2007 Montreal Games Summit, Jonathan Blow, creator of 2006 IGF Design Innovation award winner Braid, addressed the subtle assumptions that underlie the modern game development process - sharply criticizing World Of Warcraft and BioShock to illustrate how games can be more meaningful experiences."