- Philips has been promoting its amBX line of gaming vibration, sound, light, and even wind peripheral add-ons (!) for a while now (here's an early 2006 Gamasutra article on them from GameCity organizer Iain Simons), and have just got seriously weird with their ad campaign for the PC-focused add-ons. We'll let them explain:

"Philips amBX Pranxters today entered the game, allowing you to see, hear and feel the game experience like never before and enjoy the full force of your gaming. The amBX Pranxters – Mr. Shake, Noize Ninja, The Glow and Missy Whoosh - are larger than life characters that are the embodiment of vibration, sound, light and wind, representing the amBX gaming experience effects."

Wow - especially make sure you check out the video in the bottom right of the Pranxters page, since it involves sumo wrestlers crashing through walls and frightening Japanese people. Honestly. Interestingly, Codemasters, THQ, Gearbox Software, Zombie, Riot Games, Brain in a Jar, Invictus Games, Instinct Technology and others have signed to do PC games with amBX. But let's face it, what they really need is Rez HD/Rez 2 on console with amBX support, for total synesthesia! Calling Mr. Miz!