- Not that GSW is turning into 'all Raigan [EDIT: And Mare, of course!], all the time', but the Metanet Software blog has a fun, incendiary post about Capcom's Bionic Commando remake, referencing the newly announced next-gen title, and suggesting: "Wow.. this is exactly what’s wrong with commercial games."

Leaving aside the phrase 'commercial games' for a second (hee!), the N+ creators continue: "When we first heard of this project, we were worried that yet another grappling/physics-based game would be coming to take on [Metanet's next project] Robotology. After watching the video, all we could think was “this is the sound of a great game being F’d in the A”."

There continues some plot-related sighing: "“Radd Spencer” has become “Nathan Spencer”. Why not just call him “Blandy McBland” or “Egg”? Is there a more generic tough-guy name in all of history... And “Ascension City”, nice touch — apparently “Climbsville, West Tallington” was too obvious".

Finally, the coup de grace is delivered: "Why, WHY does every action video game have to pretend it’s the most bad-ass, super-tough thing ever?" The 2D to 3D transition is also queried, but... you know, it's an interesting question. Is Bionic Commando's rebirth a great example of re-imagining by a smart veteran publisher, or is it yet another trip on the road to creative bankruptcy? Or is it, most likely, somewhere between those ridiculous extremes?