- So, video games are already pretty darn realistic. But what's the next step in bridging the Uncanny Valley and making interaction even more believable, eh? Well, Japanese tech blog Pink Tentacle is showcasing the 'U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi virtual humanoid', not specifically designed for games, but something to make game designers think.

Specifically, it's revealed: "U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi is an interactive “mixed reality” humanoid robot that appears as a computer-animated character when viewed through a special head-mounted display. A virtual 3D avatar that moves in sync with the robot’s actions is mapped onto the machine’s green cloth skin (the skin functions as a green screen), and the sensor-equipped head-mounted display tracks the angle and position of the viewer’s head and constantly adjusts the angle at which the avatar is displayed."

And so what? "The result is an interactive virtual 3D character with a physical body that the viewer can literally reach out and touch." Further on, it's noted: "The system, which currently requires a lot of bulky and expensive equipment to run, will likely see its first real-world applications in arcade-style video games." There's some obvious applications, too - like a version of Nintendogs where you can actually pet the puppy. Or a meatspace version of Rose & Camelia? Oh my.