- Aha, I have a couple of important Game Developers Conference-related messages, since we run that uber-conf here at the CMP Game Group, and I would be remiss of me not to communicate them to you (I promise I'm not as begrudging as Joel McHale when he does 'Let's Take Some E!') They both involve GDC 2008, as it happens, which is happening from February 18th-22nd, 2008 here in lovely San Francisco, and for which new info - including specifics on some neat new features/summits - will be available in the next couple of weeks.

Firstly, the GDC 2008 Call For Submissions, which originally opened back in August, is officially closing at the end of Monday, October 1st - coincidentally also the IGF deadline this year. As is always the case, the vast majority of GDC sessions are submitted by you savvy, relatively suave (give or take!) game professionals out there, so please go ahead and submit an abstract if you have something you think your peers should here. You even get to hear former Shiny supremo Dave Perry yammering at you on the submissions site, as an added bonus.

Secondly, we're in need of some temporary help to aid us in putting together this year's GDC - and here's a brief, slightly un-'HR sheen'-ed version - the full ad is up on Craigslist: "Conference Coordinator for the Game Developers Conference and other events... [applicants will need to] Communicate with conference speakers and other relevant parties... Develop and maintain all data for submissions... Manage guest lists for event parties... [requirements include] Interest in games; reasonable comfort level with technology... Excellent writing and editing skills... To apply for this temporary position, please send resume and salary requirements to: [email protected] - and put 'Conference Coordinator' in the subject line of your email." This would suit Bay Area game enthusiasts and people-centric types who'd like to help put GDC 2008 together - and who knows where it would go from there? We await your interest with... interest.