- Poking around the Interweb, we stumbled into a post from the 'Notes From The Copy Editor' blog discussing the whole 'video game' vs. 'videogame' discussion - or even video-game - from a reasonably neutral, non-gamer perspective - though the blogger is not actually a professional copy editor. And it's interesting stuff, providing you're not bored with the entire thing already.

He references the AP and New York Times' wish to spell it 'video-game' at times, but plumps for videogame as his preference, noting gleefully: "I'd imagine that proponents of video game are just as irked by videogame as I was (and still am) by the AP's preference for adviser over the much more common advisor." He also references both David Sirlin and Benj Edwards' refutations of the IGJA's choice of 'videogame' - and then Sirlin turns up in the comments looking endearingly upset.

His conclusion is contrary to my beliefs, but hey, I'm still printing it, folks: "The writers behind the Videogame Style Guide no doubt knew the various connotations that people attach to these different spellings, and they probably anticipated many of the arguments against their unlikely choice. Nevertheless, for this styleguide they had to mandate one of the two options. I think they chose the right one, but I believe them when they say that they didn't make this decision lightly." Fair enough!