- Over at Dessgeega's weblog, she continues to pick out interesting and alternative titles and describe them in intriguing ways - and the two most recent posts are both worth pointing out, starting with a profile of Knytt Stories and its standalone levels.

We've already run items on the game itself, but as noted: "The editor is pleasantly easy to tinker with, and to produce solid, attractive game worlds. a bunch of levels have already been constructed by fans of the game". I particularly like the sound of 'It waits', which "...is a minimal and effective lovecraftian horror. it may be the first level to make effective use of the player’s default speed, using the protagonist’s slow, steady walk to pace a creeping descent into horror."

A game is also salvaged from slight obscurity in brief comments on Aleksi Eeben's 'Redrunner', a Commodore 64 homebrew title which is "...an homage to jeff minter’s gridrunner series. those games, inspired by atari’s centipede, realized while imitating centipede that that game could be broken down into its most basic elements, and then realized that those elements could be rearranged into a variety of different configurations."